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Xeditor supports validation against DTDs and schemas written in XML Schema (XSD) .Also, it is easy to add support for any schema language if it has a JAXP 1.3 compliant validator implementation.In the following subsections we will, instead, discuss three features of Xeditor that are neatly done by using JAXP 1.3.The JAXP validation API consists of three main classes: Schema Factory, Schema and Validator. It reads external representations of schemas and prepares them for the validation.

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This raises architectural issues, as in, how to make the architecture of the editor as flexible as possible, so that it is easy to plug-in validators.Presently it houses three validator implementations which are Xerces2 Java Parser (Xerces) , which demonstrated how to program a validating XML editor using javascript and the XML DOM implementation of the Microsoft XML Parser.